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As a retired physician, I know the right questions to ask to help create a health care benefit plan that fits your group or individual needs, as well as your lifestyle.  I offer group health insurance for small groups, including SOCA Benefit Plans, or individual health and supplemental insurance.  I work with multiple carriers and plans to customize affordable coverage.

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Aflac Supplemental benefits pay cash to you after an adverse medical event.  So that money you saved for a vacation can be used for... vacation!

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Supplemental benefits are a cost effective way to take the fear out of high deductible health insurance.  Most bankruptcies are due to unexpected medical costs, so protect your family and finances.

What We Cover


Small Group Health Insurance

Groups with 2 to 50 employees may find coverage for less than expected.  I can help you create a benefit package for your group that is individually customizable.  Group PPO plans have wider networks and may have less out of pocket expenses for a lower monthly payment than individually available HMO's.  Dental, Vision, and Life can be included.


Individual Health Insurance

I can help you find individual health insurance in the health systems you prefer so you don't have to change doctors.  During ACA open enrollment or if you have recently lost health insurance, I can assist you with subsidy eligibility and a plan that's right for you.


Aflac Supplemental Benefits

Supplemental benefits can take the sting out of those deductibles or time spent off work.  Accident . Cancer . Hospital . Critical Care (heart attack, stroke, etc) . Short Term Disability . Whole and Term Life Insurance .  Juvenile Life Insurance (for your kids and grandkids) . Vision .  Dental .  Value Added Services like Telemed, Fraud Protection, Health Advocate and Medical Bill Saver.


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