Why Aflac?


This is why I sell Aflac


The Need For Aflac

With unavoidable deductibles and copays, the need for Aflac supplemental benefits has never been greater.  The benefits are paid directly to you to use as you see fit.  Health insurance keeps the lights on at the hospital, but Aflac keeps the lights on in your home!


Aflac Supplemental Benefits

Pay check replacement: Short Term Disability for work missed due to medical issues, including maternity leave.

What keeps you up at night? Accident, cancer, heart attack, stroke, hospital.

Protect your loved ones with life insurance to cover the mortgage, children's education, and funeral expenses.

Who can buy Aflac?


  • Age 18 to 64 can buy Accident, Cancer, Life insurance, Critical Illness (heart attack, stroke, etc) and Vision Insurance


Group rates for as few as 3 available for Short Term Disability, Accident, Hospital, Cancer, Critical Illness, Vision, Dental, Life insurance and Juvenile Life insurance