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Don't struggle trying to figure it out on your own!

I'm here to help you find coverage you can understand and afford, specific to your personal needs.

Affordable Care Act coverage

The least expensive coverage for anyone with preexisting conditions.  Individuals making less than $48K/year (more for couples or families) may get a subsidy to help cover the cost.  Don't miss Open Enrollment November 1 through December 15!

Special Enrollment Periods

Anyone who has lost other coverage due to changing jobs, aging off a parent's coverage, or major life change such as moving, marriage or divorce, may be eligible to enroll within 60 days of the event.

Other Options

The best coverage for you may be a non-traditional health plan such as through various church or other organizations.  I can help you compare what's covered between different plans, even if it is not sold through my company.  These can offer a great fit that is affordable for many people.  

Short Term Medical Insurance

This is available for individuals who may miss the opportunity to sign up for ACA medical insurance.  There may be new deductibles quarterly, and some preexisting conditions may be excluded or result in increased premiums.

**Specialty Medications**

If you are on an expensive medication that has a pharmaceutical company support program, let me show you the best insurance to work with the rules of their medication coverage.  I can help you find the best way to utilize their support program.