Is Your Company Ready to Look at Health Insurance?

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While health insurance is expected from companies with over 50 employees, many smaller companies find benefits to offering health insurance.  It can help you attract and retain the best people.  It shows you care about your employees and their families, and it can help them feel financially secure.  Many employees will take a lower paying job that offers benefits, so the cost of the employer's part of the coverage can be rolled into the job offer resulting in minimal effect on the business' bottom line.

Many small family businesses with at least one W2 employee may find they can get better coverage for their family at similar rates to ACA family coverage.  They can get a PPO, which covers most local health systems and doctors, instead of an HMO, where they must choose ONE health system.  This means a family can take the children to Nationwide Children's Hospital while the adults can choose OhioHealth, OSU, AND Mt Carmel systems.

Company policies – HIPAA laws require that personal information is only used to quote health insurance.  Your information will not otherwise be shared in verbal, written, or electronic form with any other entity.

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